English speaking lawyer in Portugal

When confronted with legal affairs abroad you want to be assisted in your own language. We assist in English, Dutch, Portugese, Spanish, or German.

International law is complicated enough. We like to make things easier for you.

Law firm Lemos Dekker Lawyers specialises in European and international civil law. More specifically, we are of service in the fields of general civil law, family law, inheritance law and estate duty. You can also contact us for affairs in tenacy and real estate law and tax law.

International and european law: certainty about your situation

How is liability settled when I am involved with my British car in an accident in Portugal?

Family affairs, real estate, inheritance, or taxes: living and working abroad means you are confronted with international or European law.

International law defines which law system in which country is applicable, and which courts are authorized to handle the case. International law also defines how different countries will recognise court rulings.

We strive to create clarity for you and to answer your legal questions:

  • We validate your question to the relevant legal systems in the countries involved.
  • We provide and translate the necessary documents.
  • We represent or assist you at authorities and where necessary provide oral translation.

In short, we offer a customized solution, in your language, to your specific international legal problem.

 Your family affairs in Safe Hands

What will be my child’s nationality if she is born in Porugal?

Living and working abroad entails special questions. We understand your position and accompany you at the steps to be taken.

We deal personally and in English with your family affairs. For example divorce, birth, and descent.

 I live in Portugal and my children live in the UK. What happens to the inheritance when I die?

When someone dies, family members need to take care of the inheritance procedure. Taxes need to be paid on time.

We closely investigate your international situation and make sure your inheritance successfully reaches the right people. We are glad to be able to ease your concerns.

Real Estate: Buying or Selling a house in Portugal

What do I need to buy a house in Portugal?

We accompany you in the process of buying or selling real estate.

In Portugal, the notary is only responsible for the payment of taxes. All other affairs surrounding the purchase of real estate, such as property rights, easements, and cadastral data must be inspected by a lawyers.

We arrange all necessary investigations and registrations for you.

Your taxes organized.

Where do I  need to pay taxes when I live in Portugal and receive a pension in the UK?

Enjoy the peace of knowing which taxes you do and do not have to pay. This depends on your international situation.

Lemos Dekker Lawyers researches your situation and gives tax advice.


What Legal Questions Are On Your Mind?

Please feel free to aks us. Not all questions can be answered immediately, but we always help you in the process.

Please use our contact form, or our extensive contact details, and we will be happy to attend to your questions.